Why we called and what you should do...if anything.

Have You Been ‘Headhunted’?

Why we called and what you should do...if anything.

Maybe you’ve received a call from one of our ‘headhunters’? If so, you might have some questions.

Why Did We Call?

When we undertake a recruitment assignment, it’s important to us that we look for the very best people. To do this, we undertake our own research and ask for recommendations from our business network.

The Chances Are You’re Not Looking To Make A Move.

Either you’re 100% happy at the moment or it’s not the right time for you. We totally understand that and we wish you continued career success.

What Should You Do…If Anything?

The obvious answer is to take the approach as a compliment and do nothing. However, there is another option which may be of more benefit to you.

Very few people stay in the same job forever – whether they want to or not. When that time inevitably comes, the research we've already done could make your next move easier. Unlike the other candidates, you won’t just be a name on top of a CV. We’ll also be able to include the information that brought you to our attention in the first place.

Make Things Easier For Yourself

As you can imagine, independently verified proof of ability and third party recommendations give you a significant advantage over your competitors. It will make recruitment consultants far more confident when considering you for roles and potential employers will already be heavily in your favour – before they’ve even met you.

But it only works if you get in touch.

Due to data protection laws, we’re not allowed to keep our research once we've completed the assignment - unless we have your agreement. Should your circumstances change in the future, the chance to use the research in your favour will have gone.

If you decide to get in touch, our only focus will be to make sure that we can use the research to help get you the best possible move - if and when that time comes. We won't try and pressure you to look at current opportunities. In fact, unless you tell us otherwise, we’ll assume you’re not actively looking at the moment.

All it takes is a brief, informal discussion. To do that, you can get in touch here.


We constantly test research and ideas that claim to boost your career.

Reports have included:

  • methods to improve your current role.
  • techniques to spot 'bad' jobs that look great at interviews.
  • Negotiation strategies that are designed to lead to better offers.

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