It didn't take us long to find the answer, but it wasn't what we expected.

What’s Going Wrong With Senior Recruitment?

It didn't take us long to find the answer, but it wasn't what we expected.

We always felt the failure rate was higher than it needed to be in recruitment. So we undertook some research. We wanted to know what a 'successful' recruitment consultant did differently to an 'unsuccessful' recruitment consultant.

It didn't take us long to find the answer, but it wasn't what we expected.

We hit a problem immediately.

Their version of 'success' is different from yours.

Ask any recruitment consultant if they’re successful and you’ll probably get the same response. They’ll quickly rattle off how many placements they’ve made. They might even tell you the commission they’ve earned.

Now ask them how many of their placements were successful. The chances are they’ll suddenly become very vague. Next, ask how many of their placements stayed for at least a year. They almost certainly won't know.

This is because the industry definition of ‘success’ is probably not the same as yours. They base it on the number of placements made, rather than how successful their placements are.

The Recruitment Consultant shouldn't take the blame alone.

Recruitment companies rate the ‘real’ success rate - as it matters to you - of so little importance that amazingly, most don't even bother to record it. That's why you will rarely see it on their website.

Why it's a problem

Recruiting organisations continually monitor their 'sales success' and look for new techniques to improve it. In contrast, they don't monitor the placement success rate. This makes new placement improvements unlikely. Worse, if new techniques increase sales success, but lower the placement success rate, it probably won't be noticed. Even if it is, will it be judged as important?

A different approach

We've chosen to focus on increasing our placement success rate. It’s transformed everything we do – our approach, the companies we deal with, the roles we take on and how we support you.

The result is a record-breaking success rate. In an industry where a 50% failure rate is the norm, 98% of our placements are still in position after twelve months.

That means with us, you're far more likely to get the outcome you're hoping for in your next role.

If you would like to discuss your career, please feel free to get in touch. Although we can’t guarantee outcomes, you can be sure we share the same goal as you.


We constantly test research and ideas that claim to boost your career.

Reports have included:

  • methods to improve your current role.
  • techniques to spot 'bad' jobs that look great at interviews.
  • Negotiation strategies that are designed to lead to better offers.

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